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Everyone loves a bit of celebrity-watching, one great way to keep on top of all thegossip is through an app CelebStars, there are plenty of them out there ...

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Everyone loves a bit of celebrity-watching, one great way to keep on top of all the
gossip is through an app CelebStars, there are plenty of them out there catering to
our curiosity about the Celebrity Gallery, events, News, speeches, Achievements,
Awards, Wishes from Celebrity and to Celebrity.
Among all the apps promising to deliver celebrity news, the CelebStars app
stands out for one interesting reason: Its material is supplied by the celebrities
themselves. The makers of CelebStars promise that more than 1,600 well-known
names use the app to share photos, videos and news with their fans.
The app’s Timeline/home page is an image-heavy, scrollable feed that contains
Promotional banners, latest updates, You can scroll through the home page/Time
line, explore the app’s content by categories like Celebrity’s Biography, NEWS,
Movies, Gallery, events, Awards, Achievements, Wishes, Foundations, Opinion
polls, Schedules, Speeches, political promises, Political feedback, Cricket stats,
Earn coins, Refer & earn, Super fan, and Social Buzz. or just search for news,
events, movies, Wishes, Awards,& Speeches…etc. on a particular celebrity. For
each post can LIKE, Comment, & can be Share with face book and twitter. Each
like earns one coin, Share earns 2 coins.
Tapping on an article or click on read more lets you read it in more detail, and see
more photos or videos. It is also great for keeping up with news on fashion
models, sports stars, Politicians, Business persons and other famous people. It is
free on both iOS and Android devices.
The app has content covering general entertainment news, photos from events
and live feeds that are up to date.
Refer & Earn: With this feature our customers will be able to refer friends to
the CelebStars. Once the Referred friend joins the CelebStars by successfully
completing the registration process, the user & referred friend will earn 50 Bonus
coins for each friend. The CelebStars will share a referral code with the friend, the
friend then needs to fill the code detail to earn coins by Refer & Earn. User will get
daily earn pop up page to claim or check daily reward coins. Daily earn pop
option will find at Profile page too. Profile page having Face book Like & Twitter
follow options. Each face book like and Twitter follow earns 10 coins each.
Earn Coins Page having four types of Advertisements. Can earn coins after
watching advertisements.
Super Fan: Who earns more coins from the CelebStars will be the Super Fan of
that Celebrity. Super Fan can meet his/her favorite star and get selfie…etc.

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